Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Lux Row Distillers, has announced the launch of its third limited-edition Rebel Yell cask finish release, which will be available exclusively in the UK and select European markets.

Rebel Bourbon Tawny Port Finish (45% ABV) is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, which has been aged for at least four years in American oak barrels and finished for six months in Tawny Port barrels.

Rebel Bourbon Tawny Port Finish

Rebel Bourbon Tawny Port Finish, is said to deliver a balanced aroma of sweetness, nuttiness and earthy notes on the nose, followed by notes of toffee, mocha, dried citrus, dark red fruits and spices on the palate.

Commenting on the launch, John Rempe, Master Distiller at Lux Row Distillers, said: “The Tawny Port flavours pair really well with Rebel Bourbon’s vanilla, oak and caramel profile. It’s a winning combination that creates a distinct, depth of rich flavours that’s unlike anything else in the Rebel family, whilst still retaining the Kentucky Straight Bourbon’s remarkably smooth finish. The secondary finishing elevates the original four-year ageing of Rebel in new charred white oak barrels, taking it to a different level that more years in the rackhouse wouldn’t achieve.”

Rebel Bourbon Tawny Port Finish, will be available from specialist retailers from November, for a RRP of £39.00.

Posted by Steve Rush