Tuesday, July 23, 2024


The Highlands based Tomatin Distillery, has announced the launch of a new series of whiskies, which celebrates the modern renaissance of Sherry.

The Sherry Collection, is comprised of three single malts which were all initially matured in ex-Bourbon barrels, before being finished individually in Manzanilla, Palo Cortado, and Pedro Ximénez Sherry butts.

The Tomatin Sherry Collection

Fortified wine has played a role in the creation of Tomatin whisky throughout its history, with the distillery using Sherry casks sourced from Jerez for maturation for more than a century.

The Sherry Collection has been created to celebrate modern Sherry culture, which according to the brand has seen a resurgence thanks partly to the growing tapas scene and the evolving food and drink desires of consumers.

The new Tomatin Sherry Collection, is comprised of:

The Manzanilla Edition (46% ABV) was distilled in 2014 and finished in Manzanilla butts for two years. It’s said to deliver notes of sourdough bread and salty popcorn on the nose, followed by notes of dried fruits, chamomile tea, grapefruit, maple syrup and salted walnut on the palate.

The Palo Cortado Edition (46% ABV) was distilled in 2008 and finished in Palo Cortado butts for three years. It’s said to deliver notes of cinder toffee and dried orange on the nose, followed by notes of notes of milk chocolate, toasted fruit loaf and Brazil nuts on the palate.

The Pedro Ximénez Edition (46% ABV) was distilled in 2006 and finished in Pedro Ximénez butts for eight years. It’s said to deliver notes of sticky toffee pudding and espresso on the nose, followed by notes of lemon curd, golden syrup, dates, dried fig and muscovado sugar on the palate.

Commenting on the launch, Scott Adamson, Blender and Global Brand Ambassador for Tomatin, said: “The Sherry Collection is a nod to our past and our present; sherry has been widely used in Scotch for decades and Tomatin’s story is no different, however, this collection celebrates our continuous experimentation, craftsmanship and desire to bring remarkable flavours to our consumers all over the world. The Collection provides a real journey through sherry, highlighting our cask management expertise, to deliver a mixture of expressions, all grounded with our classic Tomatin profile.”

The Tomatin Sherry Collection Manzanilla, Palo Cortado, and Pedro Ximénez Sherry Editions, are now available from specialist retailers, for the respective RRP’s of £65.00, £95.00 and £150.00.

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Thursday, July 18, 2024


The Kentucky based Heaven Hill Distillery, has announced the launch of a new rye whiskey expression, from its Elijah Craig brand.

Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Rye (47% ABV) is a Kentucky Straight Rye, which is comprised of the brands fully matured straight rye whiskey, which was dumped and then re-entered at barrel proof into a second, custom toasted new oak barrel, designed in partnership with Independent Stave Company.

Elijah Craig Toasted Rye

Elijah Craig Toasted Rye, is made as a traditional American Straight Rye Whiskey with 51% rye, 35% corn and 14% malted barley. This combination of grains, which relies heavily on corn as the secondary grain rather than a higher percentage of rye, has been the primary Rye mashbill used by Kentucky Bourbon distilleries since taking over nearly all American Rye production post-Prohibition.

In 1789, Elijah Craig was the first to char oak barrels to make Bourbon, leading to him being credited as the 'Father of Bourbon'. The newest expression continues this tradition of barrel innovation and as a result, adds complex layers of soft and creamy milk chocolate to the characteristic spice notes of Elijah Craig Straight Rye.

Commenting on the launch, Max Stefka, Elijah Craig Group Product Director, said: "From the moment our tasting panel tried Elijah Craig Toasted Rye through our ongoing innovation process, we knew this expression was going to be special. The custom toasted barrel from our partners at Independent Stave Company takes an already world-class whiskey and adds in a dessert-like bouquet of flavours."

Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Rye, will be rolling out later this month in the US and select international markets, for a RRP of $54.99.

Posted by Steve Rush