Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Brown-Forman, has announced the official UK release of its limited-edition Woodford Reserve Baccarat bourbon bottling.

Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition (45.2% ABV) has been finished in hand-selected XO cognac casks, at their distillery in Versailles, Kentucky. 

Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition

This latest release which is the first and only American whiskey to be bottled in Baccarat, is said to celebrate the legacies of both the distilling and crystal brands. The bottle design evokes the iconic Woodford Reserve bottle silhouette and is engraved with both Woodford Reserve’s and Baccarat’s distinctive logos.

The Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition bottle, which comes housed in a signature Baccarat red box, is said to deliver notes of rich toasted oak, cocoa, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, dried fruit and citrus peel on the nose. Followed by notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, dried fruit, creamy caramel, rich malt and oak on the palate.

Commenting on the news, Mark Bacon, Global Brand Director for Woodford Reserve, said: “We are extremely proud to announce the partnership between the world’s finest bourbon and the world’s finest crystal because both represent craftsmanship at the highest level. This partnership elevates the category of American Whiskey in the global market.”

Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition, is now available from selected specialist retailers in the UK, for a RRP of £1,500.00.

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Monday, January 18, 2021


Teeling Whiskey, has today announced the launch of its second Wonders of Wood series bottling.

Teeling Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask (57.1% ABV) is a 15 Year Old single cask, Irish single malt whiskey, which was initially matured in bourbon barrels, before being finished in virgin cherry wood casks.

Teeling Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask

This latest release from the Dublin based distillery, follows on from their first Wonders of Wood release, which was finished in virgin Brazilian Amburana casks.

The selection of the Cherry Wood Cask as the second release on the Teeling Wonders of Wood series, was decided by attendees of their virtual Wonders of Wood event in September. Hosted by Teeling Whiskey’s Master Distiller Alex Chasko, Teeling Maturation Manager Iain Wood and Global Brand Ambassador Robert Caldwell.

Teeling Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask, is said to deliver notes of wood spice, brown sugar and dried fruits on the nose, followed by notes of sawdust, sandalwood, rosewater and Turkish delight on the palate.

Commenting on the news, Iain Wood, Teeling’s Maturation Manager, said: “This is an exciting innovation that commercialises whiskey finished in unusual wood types. Irish Whiskey regulations don’t limit the wood type used in maturation to oak, therefore there is a lot of other wood types to explore, particularly in terms of the different and unique flavour profile they can impart to the whiskey.”

He went onto say: “We have trialled many non-oak wood types with varying degrees of success, however this is good because we often learn more when we get it wrong! As long as we continue to learn and be at the forefront of whiskey innovation, I’m happy.”

Teeling Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask, is now available directly from Teeling Distillery’s online store, for a RRP of €125.00.

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Friday, January 15, 2021


The Lawrenceburg, Indiana based drinks producer and distributer MGP, has announced the launch of their 2021 George Remus Bourbon Single Barrel Programme.

The George Remus Single Barrel bourbons, will be offered at cask strength in two mash bills, that are said to reflect MGP's signature high-rye bourbon character.

MGP launches its 2021 George Remus Single Barrel Programme

Participating accounts in the Single Barrel programme are invited to connect virtually with the distillery team in Lawrenceburg to taste, select and order their preferred mash bills. Participating retailers can also opt to customize the label on their 2021 Single Barrel Selection.

George Remus Bourbon, which is named after the legendary ‘King of the Bootleggers,’ is a high-rye blend of bourbon whiskies, aged over four years, which are said to deliver notes of vanilla, maple and a sweet yet characteristic rye flavour.

Commenting on the news, Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands at MGP, said: "The Remus Family of Bourbon Whiskies exemplifies MGP's expertise in distilling, aging and blending. Our Single Barrel program offers an exciting complement to our Bourbon portfolio and allows us to showcase our historic high-rye mash bills. We're thrilled to expand this year's programme with a renewed commitment to support our partners with marketing support tailored to reach the most discriminating Bourbon consumers."

George Remus Bourbon Single Barrels, are available for pre-order until March 15th, and will be shipped to each participating retailer in the US by September 2021, to coincide with National Bourbon Month.

Posted by Steve Rush