Wednesday, May 12, 2021


The New York based fine wine and spirits company Biggar and Leith, has today announced the launch of the first two expressions from its new Gladstone Axe Malt Whisky brand.

The Gladstone Axe American Oak (41% ABV) is a blended malt Scotch whisky, comprised of 14 different Highland and Islay single malts, which have been matured in American oak bourbon barrels. The Gladstone Axe Black Axe (41% ABV) is also a blended Scotch whisky, comprised of Highland and Islay whiskies, but made with a higher proportion of Islay malts.

The Gladstone Axe American Oak and Black Axe blended malt Scotch whiskies 

The Gladstone Axe Malt Whisky brand, is named after four-times British Prime Minister, William Gladstone, and the whiskies were created by his great-great-great Grandson, Elwyn Gladstone, Founder of Biggar and Leith and Malfy Gin.

The new whiskies which are said to be "two easy-drinking smooth blends", come presented in bespoke, bright, contemporary coloured bottles.

Commenting on the launch, Elwyn Gladstone, said: “We are really excited to be launching a new blended malt whisky bearing the name of my ancestor who was a great figurehead. In 1860, he signed the Spirts Act which allowed the blending of Scotch Whisky for the first time, essentially creating the Scotch Whisky industry as we know it today. Our family origins are in Scotland and Gladstone had a love for the country. There is not a drop of blood in me that is not Scottish. I am proud to be able to honour him with this exciting new modern classic whisky.”

The Gladstone Axe American Oak and The Gladstone Axe Black Axe, are available from Amazon, for a RRP of £32.00 each.

 Posted by Steve Rush