Monday, November 30, 2015


Puni Distillery has announced the launch of the first ever Italian single malt whisky.

Established in 2010, Puni began distilling in February 2012. The spirit was then left to mature in the warehouses for over three year, until it was finally bottled as single malt whisky last month.
Puni Distillery's inaugural Nova and Alba Italian single malts

The distillery lies in South Tyrol at the feet of the Italian alps. The ancient raetic name is taken from the nearby river Puni. The pure alpine water, locally sourced grains, traditional copper pot stills from Scotland and bespoke maturation warehouses are the main elements for the creation of what is the first Italian single malt whisky.

Puni have released two expressions as part of its inaugral launch, which have both been released in 43% ABV and 54% ABV varients; Puni Nova, which has been matured for three years in American ex-bourbon barrels, then finished in European oak casks, and Puni Alba, which was matured for more than two years in Marsala dessert wine casks and one year in ex-Islay casks.

Commenting on the launch, Jonas Ebensperger, one of the founders of the Puni Distillery, said: "After nurturing our special liquid for so many years, we are very proud to be finally able to share our new Italian-born whisky with the world. We put all our hearts into the making this whisky and we are very excited to give whisky lovers all over the world a chance to taste it."

Both Puni Italian single malt expressions will be available from specialist retailers for the following RRP’s Puni Nova 43% ABV €59.00 – 54% ABV €126.00. Puni Alba 43% ABV €74.00 – 54% ABV €154.00.

Posted by Steve Rush