Saturday, April 11, 2015


Diageo’s Johnnie Walker blended Scotch whisky brand, has this week launched ‘The Boldest Glass’, a new innovation that has married the latest innovations in technology and sensory science, with the overall aim of promoting its Johnnie Walker Red Label and ginger ale serve.

Similar to Google Glass, ‘The Boldest Glass’ works through the use of bone conduction technology. Tiny vibrations are transmitted from the glass, through the lower jaw and directly to the drinker’s inner ear, allowing them to hear bespoke audio to enhance the brain’s perception of the bold and fiery flavours of Johnnie Walker Red Label and ginger ale.

Johnnie Walker's Boldest Glass

Commenting on the news, Oscar OcaƱa, Johnnie Walker, Brand Director said: “Johnnie Walker is known for inspiring progression which is why we wanted to create a true piece of technology innovation within the bar environment to enhance the Johnnie & Ginger experience. This could potentially be a revolution within a culture that hasn’t changed in decades. The glass is set to give drinkers a glimpse of what bar culture could be like in the future and we’re so excited for drinkers to experience the boldest version ever of a Johnnie & Ginger. The glass’ track has been designed to enhance the flavours of the serve, bringing out the spicy and warm tones. As a result, the drinker is ultimately more connected to the drink, making for an exciting experience that combines flavour with sound”.

The glass which was co-developed by sensory scientists Condiment Junkie, has a concealed exciter, which turns the surface of the glass into a speaker, creates the minute vibrations. These vibrations travel through the glass and, when touched to the teeth, transfer from the glass through to the inner ear; at which point the drinker experiences an intense sound sensation bringing the full track to life.

The audio itself is beamed from an AM/FM transmitter through to an amplifier housed in the base of the glass. The receiver is able to play back audio from up to three different AM/FM channels, offering the potential for drinkers to experience their favourite track and different music as their evening progresses.

Marrying music and drinks together in an intimate fashion opens up possibilities for future collaborations and exploring the glass potential further. ‘The Boldest Glass’ is the latest drinks related innovation from Diageo, in February the drinks giant unveiled the ‘Smart Bottle’ a printed sensor tag which can detect both the sealed and opened state of each bottle.

Source: Diageo