Thursday, March 12, 2015


Magnum, a new Scotch malt whisky cream liqueur which originates from a leading boutique distillery in Speyside, is aiming to build a global audience for the new brand which is wholly produced in Scotland.

The liqueur, produced by The BenRiach Distillery Co, contains Scotch whisky produced at the company’s distillery south of Elgin. Although it was only introduced to the market in autumn last year, Magnum has already picked up international honours with a Gold Medal at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits competition.

BenRiach's Magnum Cream Liqueur - sold in quick-chill stainless steal flasks

Edinburgh-based sales consultancy RTM Sales Solutions Ltd., backed by a significant ‘six figure’ investment from the brand’s owners, are now embarking on a focused campaign to target domestic and international markets and have already secured initial distribution deals with one UK supermarket chain and a range of specialist retailers.

The brand has been developed as a premium product to cater to the global market in specialist drink brands which has witnessed significant growth in recent years, especially within the gin and vodka categories.

Magnum’s producers have positioned it as a non-gender specific product with the potential to bridge the female/male divide between consumption of cream liqueur products and Scotch whisky.

Commenting on the news, Steve Horne, a Director at RTM Sales Solutions, said: “Magnum is a Scotch malt whisky-based liqueur with strong provenance values which is aimed at the emerging market of consumers who want premium quality products.”

“Within other spirit categories, notably gin and vodka in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of many new and successful premium-level brands. We believe we there is fantastic potential to also create similar market success for a premium Scotch malt whisky-based product.”

The packaging is another key point of difference with the product sold in a unique quick-chill, recyclable and reusable stainless steel flask.

Magnum is also being introduced into other International markets, including South Africa, the Americas and China.

Source: Bill Shaw PR