Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The Balvenie, has announced the launch of the final instalment of its Craftsmen’s Dinner short video series, hosted by renowned Michelin starred chef, Michel Roux Jr.

This year’s third and final series of films, takes place at The Balvenie Distillery in Speyside, where Michel gets sparks of inspiration from the craftspeople behind the whisky.

The Balvenie launches its third and final series of Craftsmen's Dinner videos

Filmed over the course of a week, Michel aims to understand the elements of craft which go into The Balvenie, and meets three expert craftspeople who shape the whisky as we know it.

Firstly, Michel meets John Evans, Maltman, whose team is in charge of taking care of the barley, turning it by hand and operating a working floor maltings, one of only a handful left in Scotland. Secondly, George Singer, a coppersmith who maintains the copper stills where the essential process of distillation happens. Finally, Kelsey McKechnie, Whisky Technologist, who monitors the maturation, flavour and blend of the whisky until it’s ready to be bottled.

Throughout his experience, Michel is inspired by the pursuit of excellence by each craftsperson and realises the similarity with his own ethos in the kitchen. Michel doesn’t believe in “cooking by numbers”, he uses his senses, skills and experience to perfect the taste in his dishes, the same way the craftspeople use their classic techniques to create The Balvenie.

Commenting on the news, Michel Roux Jr, said: “I have been involved with The Balvenie whisky over the past few years as I want to seek out craftsmanship in new places and bring people’s attention to it. As craftspeople we feed off each other’s passions and by immersing myself in George, Kelsey and John’s crafts I have truly been inspired. We live in an increasingly fast paced world, technology is thriving and amazing innovations result from this, but craft is one thing I believe will never be replaced by machines. A human touch and staying true to your roots is important and once you understand the level of commitment that goes into making The Balvenie, you will begin to understand what makes it so great.”

The series concludes with the three-course ‘Craftsmen’s Dinner’ hosted at The Balvenie House and curated by Michel Roux Jr, with A menu inspired by The Balvenie craftspeople.

The final series of the Craftmen’s Dinner can be viewed via: Craftsmens Dinner

Posted by Steve Rush