Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The multi-award-winning independent bottler, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, has announced the launch of a new 24 Year Old single grain Scotch whisky, which has been released to tie in with their sponsorship of the UK’s seven-time Tiddlywinks World Singles Champion Dr. Patrick Barrie.

TBWC's Cameronbridge 24 Year Old - Batch 1 (49.6% ABV) which is limited to just 211 bottles, is said to be a soft and gentle single grain, with notes of icing sugar, runny honey and rich golden syrup on the nose, with waves of vanilla, fresh pencil shavings and a gentle peppery spiciness on the palate.

TBWC Cameronbridge 24 Year Old Single Grain Whisky

Known for their fun graphic-novel style labels, as well as their award-winning whiskies, TBWC’s latest release features the seven-time champion in action at the World Tiddlywinks Final. There’s a respectful hush from the spectators as Patrick, squidger in hand, and carefully concentrating, lines up his second shot following the successful potting of his last wink.

TBWC will be sponsoring the seven-time Tiddlywinks World Singles Champion, who will be competing at the National Singles Competition at Downing College Cambridge later this month in his bid to represent the United Kingdom in the next World Championship.

Dr. Barrie, who lectures Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University, has been playing tiddlywinks competitively since 1984. “The World Singles is the game's highest accolade", he explains, "it’s played on a challenge basis where a player must become the National Singles champion in order to challenge the current World Singles champion to an official match.”

He went on to say: “While the exact origins of tiddlywinks are vague, the modern competitive version started in 1955. It may not be the most fashionable of sports, but it’s got a great mix of manual dexterity, strategy and tactics. I think that the image of tiddlywinks is set to change thanks to That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s sponsorship with their release from the Cameronbridge Grain Distillery, a distillery with nearly 200 years of history behind it."

TBWC's Cameronbridge 24 Year Old - Batch 1, will be available later this month from specialist retailers, for a RRP of £64.95.

Posted by Steve Rush