Friday, December 02, 2016


Perthshire based Strathearn Distillery, has announced the official launch of its first Scotch whisky, with the first bottle selling at auction for £4,150.

The first 100 bottles from the distillery were auctioned off to the public by Whisky Auctioneer on the 23 August, with the limited auction ending last night at 7pm. Founder of Strathearn Distillery, Tony Reeman-Clark will be hand delivering bottle 001 to the home of the highest bidder in Italy.

Strathearn Distillery officially launches its first single malt Scotch whisky

The bottles of single malt Scotch whisky, which have been matured for three years and a day, are making their way to lucky bidders around the globe in the next few days.

Strathearn, which is one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, was established in 2013 by Tony Reeman-Clark who has a passion for whisky and small scale distilling.  Production began in the October of 2013, with their first cask being filled with Strathearn new-make spirit.

Strathearn Distillery, has been maturing its artisan single cask, single malt Scotch whisky using traditional methods and ideas. The spirit is matured in small octave size (50 litre) casks to give the whisky a traditional and distinctive flavour. By using either peated or non-peated malt and varying the type of cask between sherry, rum or bourbon, each batch of whisky will be entirely unique.

Working on a single cask, single malt basis allows Strathearn to experiment with different wood types and finishes, as well as appreciating the natural variations that occur throughout spirit production, influenced by the climate and ingredients used.

Commenting on the news, Tony Reeman-Clark, Founder of Strathearn Distillery said: "This has been an amazing event, far exceeding my wildest dreams. This has proved to me that Strathearn’s friends are all around the world and all I can say is thank you!"

Strathearn, also produces a range of highly acclaimed Scottish gins, experimenting with innovative production techniques and flavour profiles.

Posted by Steve Rush