Friday, February 06, 2015


London’s oldest whisky shop founded by the Milroy brothers is re-launching on February 20th as a whisky specialist, retail shop and basement cocktail bar in the heart of Soho.

The new owner Martin Simpson, formerly of Coal Vaults, promises to take London’s oldest existing whisky specialist and breathe new life into the brand, giving whisky the attention it deserves.

The new refurbished store re-launching with basement cocktail bar

In the new refurbished store there will be a 12 seater whisky bar called Milroy’s Bar, serving a selection of over 250 whiskys, all poured at 35ml rather than 25ml to enjoy the taste in a more traditional manner. 

A unique feature in the bar will give customers a more intimate experience; a whisky locker is offered to anyone who purchases a bottle of whisky over £200 at the bar. The experience includes your own locker along with a key with your name so the bottle of whisky will always be waiting for you on your return.

Commenting on the re-launch, Martin Simpson, said: “I wanted to build the already established Milroy’s brand, bringing it back to its former glory and making it a name synonymous with whisky once again. We also wanted to create a cocktail bar hidden away from the world where people can escape, relax and enjoy a good drink.”

The Milroy’s retail space will sell their existing range of own branded whisky, offered alongside a carefully curated selection of independent bottles, some of which are exclusive to the store, as well as a strong range of whiskies from around the world.

Each whisky whether it be Irish, Dutch, Indian, rye or bourbon comes with its own story and reasoning as to why it has ended up on Milroy’s of Soho’s shelves.  Along with bottles there are handpicked casks on show in the shop, giving customers a chance to pour their own bottles, or make their own blends.

Located on the ground floor they’ll also be a whisky tasting bar where customers can try before they buy, learn about the history of whisky or take part in one of Milroy’s tasting events. Milroy’s of Soho will also have an online presence and will ship whisky internationally.

Soho’s revitalised stalwart promises a high standard of product, knowledge and service, and with its unique offering both in store and at the basement bar, promises to offer a full experience for whisky aficionados, cocktail lovers and those curious to discover more. Milroy’s of Soho believes that there is a whisky to suit everyone’s palate and there’s no better place to discover them than at this Soho institution.

Source: Purple PR