Thursday, May 18, 2023


The Denmark based Stauning Distillery, has announced the launch of limited-edition DIY design bottles, following a series of bottle shortages and supply delays.

The shortages which have affected many brands around the world, have encouraged the brand to re-think its options and led them to introduce the limited-edition DIY bottles.

Stauning Whisky launches limited-edition DIY bottles

The limited-edition bottles will come packaged in a sleek black box in Stauning’s classic illustrative design. Each box will contain a clear bottle of whisky, a selection of stickers and a gold felt tip pen for those who want to add a bespoke touch to their design.

Stauning was founded in 2005, by a group of nine friends with a passion for whisky, with differing backgrounds – four engineers, a helicopter pilot, a doctor, a teacher, a chef and a butcher – who joined together to push the boundaries of whisky making, to create whiskies reflective of their heritage with distinct Danish character. Blending a mix of old and new-world methods.

All of Stauning’s whiskies are made from local grain, floor-malted in house at the distillery on the Danish west coast. Distillation takes place in 24 small copper pot stills which are direct-fired to create complex flavours, adding weight and character to the whiskies.

The DIY Stauning Rye, Kaos and Smoke bottles, will be available later this month from the Whisky Exchange, for the respective RRP’s of £60.00, £70.00 and £75.00. Further Stauning releases are also available from Master of Malt and Ocado.

Posted by Steve Rush