Monday, December 09, 2019


Japanese whisky specialist Dekantā, has announced the launch of 30 limited-edition sets, of single malt whisky from the Karuizawa distillery.

The Karuizawa 1999-2000 ‘Koinobori’ Series (60.7% ABV) has been produced using a range of vintage whiskies matured in a variety of different casks.
Karuizawa 1999-2000 Koinobori Series

Each bottle in the series from the distillery which closed in 2000, carries a limited-edition design depicting the Koinobori carp, which is a symbol of good fortune in Japan.

During some of the country’s most prominent festivals, Koinobori will be seen on the outside of houses in Japan, in honour of the family, to bring good fortune, health and strength.

Commenting on the news, Makiyo Masa, Founder and Director of dekantā, said: “The flavour profile on this whisky is one of the most complex found among Karuizawa expressions. We feel that the beautiful Koinobori design, a potent symbol of family and good fortune here in Japan, is a fitting palace to house the fine whisky within.”

The Karuizawa 1999-2000 ‘Koinobori’ Series, will be available to reserve ahead of delivery in April 2020, from 14:00 GMT on December 10th, via RRP £10,009,99.

Posted by Steve Rush