Monday, September 28, 2015


The Isle of Harris Distillery has officially opened its doors, following the culmination of a seven-year drive to establish the Hebridean Island’s first commercial whisky distillery.

The new distillery will produce the equivalent of 300,000 bottles a year of its single malt ‘The Hearach’ (Gaelic for an inhabitant of Harris) but will not be available for at least three years whilst its spirit matures into whisky.

The Isle of Harris Distillery

The Social Distillery, as it has become known, will bring a hugely important economic boost to the island ultimately providing 20 vital jobs in an area where long-term employment is difficult to find.

Commenting on the distillery’s launch, Chairman and Founder of Isle of Harris Distillery, Anderson Bakewell, said: “It is on this special island that conditions prevail for the production and maturation of a unique and exceedingly fine malt whisky. As if that was not enough, we have every expectation that it should inspire creative initiatives- entrepreneurial, cultural and social- for the benefit of the island’s future, helping to retain those here and attract back those who left.”

The Company will also be producing a gin which has been given a unique Harris character by the inclusion of Sugar Kelp harvested from the seas off the island. The gin will only be on sale direct from the distillery as part of the Company’s desire to build as close personal relationships with consumers as possible.

Posted by Steve Rush