Wednesday, April 10, 2024


The County Antrim based Bushmills Distillery, has today announced the launch of a new permanent addition to its single malt range.

Bushmills 14 Year Old (40% ABV) is an Irish single malt whiskey, which was initially matured in a combination of first and second-fill Bourbon barrels, before being finished in Malaga wine casks.

Bushmills 14 Year Old

This latest release which was created by Bushmills Master Blender, Alex Thomas, is said to deliver notes of sweet honey, vanilla, mandarin orange and warm spice on the nose, followed by notes of mango, pineapple, apricot, ginger, cinnamon, milk chocolate, vanilla, caramel, oak and floral notes on the palate.

Bushmills 14 Year Old, joins the brands 10, 16, and 21 Year Old bottlings, as well as their 25 and 30 Year Old single malts which launched in 2023.

Commenting on the launch. Alex Thomas, said: “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and create a really exciting taste experience for every palate. It is unlike any other whiskey in our core range. Marrying the bourbon cask with the Malaga wine adds layers of ripe fruit all working together with honey, cinnamon, and milk chocolate. It oozes sunshine and sweetness.”

Alex, went onto say: “Having followed the evolution of this 14-year-old spirit, I knew its exceptional quality was undeniable. I also have a lot of experience with Muscat of Alexandria, the grape variety carefully chosen to produce the Malaga wine we use to season our oak barrels. Wine lovers will know this is one of the oldest grapes in the world and produces incredible flavour profiles. This is the perfect single malt for whiskey explorers who have begun their single malt journey and are curiously seeking out their next whiskey adventure.”

Bushmills 14 Year Old, will be available later this month from specialist retailers in existing markets, for a RRP of $70.00.


Posted by Steve Rush

Tuesday, April 09, 2024


The Highland based Glenmorangie distillery, has today announced the launch of a new addition to its core range.

Glenmorangie Triple Cask Reserve (40% ABV) is a non-age-stated single malt Scotch whisky, which was matured in a combination of Bourbon barrels, new charred oak and Rye whiskey casks.

Glenmorangie Triple Cask Reserve

This latest release is said to have been inspired by Glenmorangie’s Highland surroundings. Their rugged, natural splendour evokes a sense of deep harmony, reflected in the harmonious flavours of this single malt. Fruity smoothness emerges from whisky aged in Bourbon casks. Fuller, richer notes are brought by whisky finished in new charred oak casks. Those classic notes are balanced by drier, savoury hints of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, from single malt wholly matured in Rye whiskey casks.

Commenting on the launch, Gillian Macdonald, Glenmorangie’s Master Blender, said: “By uniting these three different cask types in Glenmorangie Triple Cask Reserve we have created a deeply harmonious whisky. Using bourbon and new charred oak, we celebrate our whisky’s classic, fruity sweetness. Laced with the savoury notes and subtle spice of rye whiskey casks – seldom used at Glenmorangie – this whisky brings a new balance of flavours to our core range. Inspired by the Highlands’ natural splendour, its luscious aromas of pear, candied orange peel and honeysuckle, and tastes of vanilla, maple syrup and clove, promise to delight everyone who tries our delicious single malt.”

Glenmorangie Triple Cask, is now available in the UK from Sainsbury’s and Tesco, ahead of rolling out in Germany, France, the US and South Africa. RRP £33.00.

Posted by Steve Rush