Tuesday, June 06, 2023


Beam Suntory, has announced the launch of the first bottle from a new brand, which is said to be a new interpretation of blended Scotch whisky

Ardray (48% ABV) which is comprised of whiskies from the Lowlands, Highlands and Islands, balances Scotland’s unique terroir and long-standing craft tradition with the precision and artistry of Suntory’s award-winning Japanese blenders.

Ardray Blended Scotch Whisky

With inspiration from historic blend styles and the vision of Suntory's founder Shinjiro Torii, Ardray celebrates the quest to reimagine the historic excellence of blended scotch and encourage a greater appreciation for the art of blending.

Beam Suntory’s Chief Blender for Scotch, Calum Fraser, in partnership with Suntory’s blending team, tested nearly 200 different whisky combinations before arriving at the final harmony of flavours that make up Ardray.

Drawing from a handful of Scotch distilleries from Beam Suntory, the producer of whiskies including Bowmore, Laphroaig, Yamazaki, and Hibiki, along with their partners at Edrington (owners of The Macallan, The Glenrothes and Highland Park), Ardray celebrates the role of terroir and the production traditions of Scotland’s distilleries that define each of their unique spirit character.

Ardray, is said to deliver notes of apple, pear, plum, smoke, oregano and clementine on the nose, followed by notes of citrus and vanilla custard on the palate.

Commenting on the launch, Calum Fraser, said: "In creating Ardray, we have combined an exceptional selection of the very best Scotch whisky has to offer with the inspiring talent of Suntory’s blending team to create something new, refreshing and exciting. The time, care and attention to detail taken to source both malt and grain whiskies from some of Scotland's most noted distilleries has allowed us to explore hundreds of blends of Scotch malt and grain whiskies to achieve Ardray's optimum balance of multi-layered flavours. Driven by the desire to ensure the true beauty of this blend is greater than the sum of its parts. Ardray promises a rich and complex taste, with a distinctive harmony of flavours: a mild, gently floral, and citrusy fruitiness, with a vanilla custard creaminess and a rich, silky mouthfeel and lengthy aftertaste that is unmatched."

Ardray, is now available from specialist retailers, for a RRP of £60.00.


Posted by Steve Rush