Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Mossburn Distillers, has announced the launch of the first expression from its Isle of Skye based Torabhaig distillery.

Torabhaig Legacy Series 2017 (46% ABV) is a peated single malt Scotch whisky, matured in bourbon barrels.

Torabhaig Legacy Series 2017

Torabhaig is the first whisky distillery to be built on the Isle of Skye in 190 years, and the second legal distillery ever to operate on the island.

The distillery and its whisky, is said to be a true product of its surroundings and heritage, shaped by the wild landscape and the climate of Isle of Skye.

Commenting on the news, Neil Mathieson, Chief Executive at Mossburn Distillers, said: “This 'Legacy' series will lay down the foundations for the future profile of our bottled whisky and with each edition we will guide your journey with details on the barley, yeast and casks on the back label of the bottle. For the first, the 2017, we selected only 100 barrels from our first quarter's distillation the spirit having been aged solely in Bourbon barrels that we shipped directly ourselves from the Kentucky distillery the day they were emptied.”

“What’s three or four years to a whisky maker when traditionally we are ageing spirit for up to 25 years or longer to see the effect of ageing and barrel choices? Here at Torabhaig, we had to start at the very beginning with looking at the peating levels of our malted barley, the barley varieties themselves and the effect of the harvest.”

"We followed this by experimenting with yeasts and examining how our mashing and distilling processes could produce different flavours as we adjusted the model. We then had to anticipate the ageing cycle in different cask sizes and types and regularly taste the spirits as they developed, in order to choose which batches would represent us at the relatively youthful ages of our first bottlings.”

Torabhaig Legacy Series 2017, will be available in limited quantities from specialist retailers, from February 19th, for a RRP of £50.00.

Posted by Steve Rush