Friday, May 06, 2016


Diageo has announced the launch of a new barrel strength variant of its Bulliet Kentucky bourbon.

Bulliet Barrel Strength (59.9% ABV) has been bottled straight from the barrel and uses the same high-rye mash bill as its standard bottling, roughly 2/3 corn and 1/3 rye. 

Bulleit Barrel Strength

The barrels selected to create Bulleit Barrel Strength, were emptied and combined into a single batch without the inclusion of any additional water, before being bottled uncut and non-chill filtered at Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Over the last year, Bulleit founder Tom Bulleit, has traveled the globe sharing sips of a new, unreleased style of Bulleit Bourbon with some of the world's top bartenders.  As a whiskey built by the support of the bartending community, Tom wanted to know what they would think about an addition based on higher proof instead of new flavours or finishes. The feedback was overwhelming and reinforced the decision to officially launch Bulleit Barrel Strength.

Commenting on the launch, Ed Bello, Bulleit Brand Director, said: "We're happy to share this Barrel Strength offering with our friends and loyal Bulleit fans in Kentucky. Bulleit was born in Kentucky, the state Tom and his family still call home to this day. As thousands of people head to the Bluegrass State for the best horse race in the country, we hope they'll stop by the historic Stitzel-Weller Distillery and pick up a bottle of Bulleit Barrel Strength."

Limited to 5,000 cases, the initial release of Bulleit Barrel Strength will only be available in the state of Kentucky, from specialist retailers for a RRP of $49.99.

Posted by Steve Rush