Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Planning permission for the first new distillery on mainland Orkney in over 138 years has been approved.

The Deerness Distillery, which was founded by husband and wife Stuart and Adelle Brown, already produces a number of globally-recognised Orkney-inspired spirits in a self-built distillery in the family’s six acre garden.

Deerness Distillery Founders: Adelle and Stuart Brown

The new six-figure distillery, will also include an immersive visitor centre experience showcasing the distilling process from nose-to-tail, alongside a new cafe and bar.

With demand for whisky casks rocketing, Deerness Distillery is set to put 200 on advance sale for those looking to buy a slice of whisky history in the making.

Once filled, the casks will contain Deerness' signature moderately peated style new make, promising a balanced smoke profile that will delicately complement the liquid's unique character.

Commenting on the news, Stuart Brown, said: "We are thrilled to be commencing this exciting new chapter for Deerness Distillery and Orkney whisky. By offering the chance to invest in the future of Deerness Distillery, we're not just sharing our passion for Orkney whisky, we're inviting people to become part of our journey. We can't wait to welcome more people to our family-owned distillery and farm as we take the next step in our distilling adventure."

Construction on the new distillery is set to commence this spring.

Posted by Steve Rush