Monday, March 14, 2022


Ian Macleod Distillers has announced that its Lowlands based Rosebank Distillery, has taken a big step closer to reopening with the arrival and installation of three bespoke stills.

The stills were made to the exact dimensions of the originals, to enable the distillery to replicate the distillation process used three decades ago.

New Rosebank stills

To replicate the distinctive Rosebank style, Ian Macleod Distillers secured the original still blueprints from Abercrombie Coppersmiths. They were then passed to renowned still-makers, Forsyths, who went to great lengths to emulate the originals.

Rosebank’s much-loved signature style was created through a unique combination of triple distillation and worm-tub condensing. The former creates a lighter style of spirit, while the latter gives the liquid a rich thickness. 

Commenting on the news, Newly appointed Distillery Manager, Malcolm Rennie, said: “Obtaining the original blueprints was imperative as the Rosebank stills are quite different from your average still. The wash still in particular appears to have its traditional swan neck lopped off and capped and the lyne arm attached to the side of the neck, while the Spirit still is on the shorter dumpier side. All these variations in shape and size are what ultimately contribute further complexity to the Rosebank spirit.”

The renovation work on the Rosebank Distillery, is due to be completed this summer.

Posted by Steve Rush