Tuesday, March 29, 2022


The Loch Lomond Group, has today announced the launch of the oldest expression to date from its Campbeltown based Glen Scotia Distillery.

Glen Scotia 46 Year Old (41.7% ABV) was initially matured in refill bourbon casks for 36 years, before being re-casked in first-fill bourbon casks in 2011.

Glen Scotia 46 Year Old

In the winter of 1974, the Glen Scotia distillery team would finish their last production amidst a four-year programme of investment that spelt opportunity and a profound sense of optimism in the town.

These final years would also mark the end of a special chapter, defined by tradition, care, craftsmanship and an old way of doing things. It was these final casks that have laid quietly maturing under the care of distillery managers until today.

Glen Scotia 46 Year Old, is said to deliver notes of rich dried fruit, citrus peel, thick sweet toffee, bracing ocean spray and fresh vanilla on the nose. Followed by notes of melted brown sugar, golden caramel, baked apple, poached pear, vanilla syrup and orange citrus notes on the palate.

Each individually numbered and specially etched bottle of Glen Scotia 46 Year Old, comes presented in a luxurious handmade oak display case.

Commenting on the news, Iain McAlister, Master Distiller at Glen Scotia, said: “It is wonderful to contemplate that we have inherited these last remnants from those who have helped shape Glen Scotia’s journey and been part of our history. The release of the Glen Scotia 46-year-old is a toast and a thank you to the craft of all those who have come before us. It’s an honour to pick up the mantle for the distillery and be able to unveil these rare few bottles, which are so full of the classic Glen Scotia and Campbeltown character. As we celebrate a particularly notable year in Glen Scotia’s history with multiple recent award wins, it feels only right that we release some of our most treasured liquid this year.”

Limited to 150 bottles, Glen Scotia 46 Year Old, will be available later this month from the Glen Scotia website and specialist retailers, for a RRP of £6,750.

Posted by Steve Rush