Thursday, October 14, 2021


Halewood Artisanal Spirits, has announced the launch of the second expression from its Blackpool based Bankhall Distillery.

Bankhall Sweet Mash (46% ABV) is a bourbon-style sweet mash grain spirit, which has been aged exclusively in new, charred American oak casks, that have seen a full range of seasons in Blackpool since they were made by coopers in the US in autumn 2020.

Bankhall Sweet Mash

Headed up by Vince Oleson, previously from the Widow Jane Distillery in Brooklyn, the team at Bankhall have re-imagined the traditional whisky process in the UK, drawing inspiration and ingenuity from the US.

This latest release, which follows on from their smaller scale Rebellion launch earlier this year, is said to deliver notes of creamy custard, toasted coconut, baked apples and brown sugar.

Commenting on the launch, Vince Oleson, said: “Our new Sweet Mash has seen only nine months in cask but it tells a story, and takes you on a journey much grander. It’s a unique and exciting opportunity for all of us at Bankhall to let the whisky world peek behind the curtain of our adventurous new distillery, and we’re really looking forward to showcasing what we have to offer now, and also what we have planned for the future”.

Bankhall Sweet Mash, is now available directly from the distillery and specialist retailers, for a RRP of £26.00.

Posted by Steve Rush