Friday, July 16, 2021


The West London based Bimber Distillery, has announced the launch of its 2021 Country Collection.

This latest batch of international releases, is comprised of twenty-four cask strength single cask whiskies, which have been matured in a variety of different casks including Bourbon, Pedro Ximenez, Madeira, Ruby Port and Rye.

Bimber launches its 2021 Country Collection

The spirit used to make Bimber’s 2021 Country Collection, was produced from the distillery’s single farm barley and malted on a dedicated floor at Warminster Maltings before being fermented for seven days in bespoke, on-site constructed American oak washbacks.

Distillation took place in Bimber’s customised stills, which possess an increased copper surface area, and is said to result in a light and fruity layered new make spirit.

The first 14 bottles of Bimber's 2021 Country Collection, are comprised of:

Cask #182 Ex-Bourbon (58.5% ABV) Austria

Cask #194 Ex-Bourbon (58.4% ABV) Belgium

Cask #150 Ex-Bourbon (59.5% ABV) China

Cask #254 Ex-Rye (58.5% ABV) Denmark

Cask #30 Ex-Ruby Port (58.9% ABV) France

Cask #104 Ex-Bourbon (59.7% ABV) Germany

Cask #47 Ex-Ruby Port (58.7% ABV) Hong Kong

Cask #101/7 PX Finish (57.4% ABV) Japan

Cask #224 Ex-Rye (58.2% ABV) The Netherlands

Cask #29 Ex-Ruby Port (58.7% ABV) Poland

Cask #102/8 PX Finish (57.6% ABV) South Africa

Cask #178 Ex-Bourbon (58.1% ABV) South Africa

Cask #205 Ex-Bourbon (58.6% ABV) Switzerland

Cask #105/4 Madeira Finish (57.7% ABV) Taiwan

A further 10 bottlings will be released later this year.

Commenting on the news, Bimber Distillery’s Matt McKay, said: “Each expression within our 2021 Country Collection celebrates the individuality of our growing selection of cask styles. Our exploration of the flavour possibilities of cask experimentation reflects how our traditional processes can be employed to produce impactful and delightfully flavourful results from a wide variety of wood types. As the distillery grows, we are excited to be able to share these exceptional single cask releases with an ever-widening number of worldwide Bimber drinkers.”

Limited in quantities, the Bimber Distillery 2021 Country Collection, will be available in select markets over the summer. RRP’s (tbc).

Posted by Steve Rush