Thursday, July 01, 2021


Ardbeg, has today announced the launch of a new exclusive Committee Members bottling.

Ardbeg 8 Year Old - For Discussion (50.8% ABV) started out as a thought experiment by Master Distiller Dr Bill Lumsden. As he sampled Ardbeg casks at different ages, he found new dimensions of smoky flavour in the spirit.

Ardbeg 8 Year Old - The Discussion

According to the Islay based distillery, Dr Bill Lumsden asked himself: What if, in an alternative universe, Ardbeg Ten Year Old wasn’t the distillery’s flagship aged expression?  Perhaps a new whisky, smokier, but balanced by ex-Sherry casks, could be a worthy centrepiece to the Ardbeg core range? This hypothesis is what gave birth to Ardbeg 8 Year Old - For Discussion.

Ardbeg is also inviting Committee Members both old and new to buy, try, then hop online to kickstart the conversation about their new malt. On the 30th of July, Distillery Manager Colin Gordon will host a private online tasting for members.

Ardbeg 8 Years Old - For Discussion, is said to deliver notes of charcoal, creosote, tar, treacle toffee, fennel, celery, green peppers, milk chocolate, aniseed, wood smoke, coriander, lavender and salty sea spray on the nose. Followed by notes of treacle toffee, aniseed, salted caramel chocolate, eucalyptus, menthol and briar wood on the palate.

Commenting on the news, Colin Gordon, Ardbeg’s Distillery Manager, said: “If there’s one thing we know about Ardbeggians, it’s that they’re an eclectic mix of people – whisky-mad and up for anything. But they’re all bonded by one shared passion – smoky Ardbeg malt. We look forward to hearing their thoughts on our latest expression.  And, to anybody not already part of the family, we invite you to join the Ardbeg Committee… and join in the conversation!”

Ardbeg 8 Years Old - For Discussion, will be available later this month exclusively to Committee members, for a RRP of £57.00. The Ardbeg Committee is free to join via

Posted by Steve Rush