Friday, June 04, 2021


The Perthshire based Whisky Auctioneer, has today announced an upcoming auction for a collection of 60 rare whiskies, from independent bottlers Silvano Samaroli and the Corti Brothers. 

The collection, which is said to be unmatched in provenance and curated by the celebrated connoisseur and collector Emmanuel Dron, also included the most sought-after Samaroli whiskies, which have been signed by Silvano Samaroli.

Whisky Auctioneer announces rare Samaroli and Corti Brothers auction

There are few independent bottlers as iconic and revered as that of the late Silvano Samaroli and the Corti Brothers. The former, a visionary Italian importer and bottler whose whiskies are compared to works of art, and the latter, American gastronomic specialists who bought and bottled casks from legendary distilleries during the industry downturn in the 1980s.

The auction, which will take place between June 17th to 21st, via, will include a 1967 Strathisla, 1967 and 1970 Laphroaig, 1951 Glen Cawdor (Springbank), and 1966 Bowmore Bouquet bottlings.

Commenting on the news, Emmanuel Dron, said: "For my personal whisky collection, I have been piecing together old and rare independent bottlings for the last 25 years. These legendary bottles from Silvano Samaroli and the Corti Brothers are definitely one of my proudest achievements.”

He went onto say: “Over the last 10 years at the Auld Alliance we’ve seen a growing demand from connoisseurs in Asia  and beyond to try many of these whiskies, which are widely considered amongst the finest in the world. Now is the chance for collectors to acquire some of our rarest treasures.”

Over the last five years, Whisky Auctioneer has seen the volume of Samaroli bottlings soar by 90% and their hammer price increase by 75%. 

Posted by Steve Rush