Friday, April 16, 2021


Compass Box, has today unveiled a refreshed look and new names for its Great King Street blended Scotch whisky bottlings.

In addition to their new simplified names, Compass Box Artist Blend (formally Great King Street Artist’s Blend) and Compass Box Glasgow Blend (formally Great King Street Glasgow Blend), have been given new labels that celebrate the diversity of thinking and originality of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Compass Box Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend

The new Artist Blend label, is a tribute to Edinburgh and depicts an artist in front of the world-famous Scottish National Gallery. It is said to embody the creative spirit of Compass Box.

The new Glasgow Blend label, represents the bold, fearless and humorous personality of the Glaswegians. One of Glasgows most iconic landmarks, the statue of the Duke of Wellington, which has had various traffic cones placed on its head for the past 30 years, is on the new label, as it is a symbol of the city’s sense of humour.

Commenting on the news, John Glaser, Founder of Compass Box, said: "When I first created these blended Scotch whiskies, I was inspired by the writing of Aeneas MacDonald in his classic 1930 book, ‘Whisky’. MacDonald wrote about the distinct differences in whisky taste between the citizens of Edinburgh and Glasgow. He also detailed what blended Scotch whisky recipes were like at the time.  This was all hugely inspirational to me when I first created Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend and it made these whiskies, in effect, an homage to Scotland’s two biggest cities.”

Compass Box Artist Blend and Compass Box Glasgow Blend, have both been bottled at 43% ABV, and are available from the brands website and specialist retailers, for a RRP of £37.00.

Posted Steve Rush