Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Heaven's Door Spirits, has announced the launch of the first expression in its new limited-edition Bootleg Series.

Bootleg Series 2019 Edition (55.7% ABV) is a 'rare' 26 Year Old whisky, produced using a low rye content mashbill, and finished for six months in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels.

Bootleg Series 2019 Edition

The Bootleg Series, which is named in tribute to Bob Dylan's famed series of retrospective albums, will feature annual limited edition releases of specially crafted new whiskeys, uniquely aged, blended or finished, for a one-of-a-kind offering.

This first release in the new series, dubbed Volume 1 of the Bootleg Series, is both a celebration of the creative spirit of Bob Dylan and the craft of fine whiskey at its best.

The low rye content in its mashbill, is said to allow for the signature flavours from the Mizunara Oak barrels to shine through, with a smooth, long finish.

Bootleg Series 2019 Edition, comes in a hand-made ceramic bottles featuring one of Bob Dylan's best-known paintings, Train Tracks. It also comes housed in a uniquely designed and individually numbered collectible leather journal.

Commenting on the launch, Ryan Perry, Master Blender at Heaven's Door, said: "The unusually long maturity of the whisky is balanced with the acquired notes of coconut, coriander and a native incense of Dīngxiāng (clove).The Mizunara Oak offers an exotic taste and lingering finish found in some the best Japanese whiskies. We've been working on this release for many years and are thrilled with the end result."

Bootleg Series 2019 Edition, will be available next month from selected retailers in the US, for a RRP of $499.99 – 750ml.

Posted by Steve Rush