Monday, October 14, 2019


The Chicago based FEW Spirits, has announced the launch of a new limited-edition bourbon expression, in collaboration with rock group Alice In Chains.

All Secrets Known (50.5% ABV) is a FEW Bourbon, which has been finished for 6 months in tequila barrels.
All Secrets Known

This latest limited-edition release, which takes its name from the opening track of Alice In Chains’ 2009 album Black Gives Way to Blue, is said to be bold, sweet, and spicy, delivering the top notes that have become the hallmark of FEW, but accentuated by grassy agave undertones.

Commenting on the news, Paul Hletko, FEW Spirits Master Distiller, said: “There are no two spirits that have a closer association with rock and roll than whiskey and tequila. Bringing together elements of both, but in an unconventional, innovative way, is an illustration of what we try to do every time we distil a new product.”

He went onto say: “Alice In Chains is part of one of very few movements that can be legitimately credited with shapeshifting an entire culture, beginning with their first album, Facelift. For us distilling, like making music, is about having the courage to ASK, ‘What if we…’ and being excited to find the answers – unlocking those secrets. Nobody sounds like Alice In Chains. We were inspired by their courage to create a sound that flouted convention and thought, ‘There are lots of tequilas finished in bourbon barrels, but it’s rare to find a widely-available bourbon finished in tequila barrels. Let’s do that instead’.”

All Secrets Known, is yet another foray for FEW Spirits into partnerships with internationally-renowned music acts. In 2006, Paul Hletko partnered with The Flaming Lips to create Brainville Rye Whiskey.

All Secrets Known, will be available later this month in selected US states, for a RRP of $75.00 – 750ml.

Posted by Steve Rush