Wednesday, September 25, 2019


The Holyrood Distillery, has today announced the launch of a new Flavour Explorers Club.

The club will allow its members to follow the flavour development of its spirit, while it matures into the first single malt whisky to be produced in the centre of the Scottish capital, since the Edinburgh Distillery closed in 1925.

Holyrood's Distillery Manager Dr Jack Mayo and Co-Founder David Robertson

Limited to 750 memberships, the Flavour Explorers Club offers two tiers of membership, Holyrood (£249) and Edinburgh (£899). Both tiers offer whisky fans a five-year membership experience, with the exclusive chance to taste Holyrood Distillery’s spirit each year for five years as it matures.

Members will receive a series of samples and full bottles in limited edition packaging of Holyrood’s spirit each year. In addition, Flavour Explorers will receive a variety of other benefits, including a membership card providing discounts on purchases and free tours of the distillery and a certificate of membership signed by the distillers.

Commenting on the news, Jack Mayo, Holyrood’s Distillery Manager, said: “This is something truly special for whisky fans. Single malt hasn’t been distilled in the heart of Edinburgh for almost a century, so the Flavour Explorers club is a unique proposition. Not only do members get the chance to taste our spirit each year as it matures and follow the flavour as it develops, they also get a chance to own a piece of history.”

Holyrood Distillery, has a distinctive approach to production, with an absolute focus on creating maximum flavour intensity in its whisky and creating delicious and memorable spirits. The distillery will provide a choice of four different styles of single malt whisky; a sweet style, a fruity/floral style; a spicy style and a smoky style.

For more details and information on both tiers of membership, visit:

Posted by Steve Rush