Friday, July 05, 2019


An estimated 45,000 barrels of bourbon have been destroyed, following a fire in a Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky.

The cause of the fire which started on Tuesday evening is unknown, but there have been no reports of any injuries.

Jim Beam warehouse fire destroys 45,000 barrels of bourbon

Commenting on the news, Jim Beam released the following statement: “We are thankful that no one was injured in this incident, and we are grateful to the courageous firefighters from multiple jurisdictions who brought the fire under control and prevented it from spreading. Initial reports suggest the fire resulted from a lightning strike, and we will work with local authorities to confirm the cause and to remediate the impacts.”

“We have a comprehensive warehouse safety program that includes regular inspections and rigorous protocols to promote safety and the security of our aging inventory. We operate 126 barrel warehouses in Kentucky that hold approximately 3.3 million barrels for our brands, and the warehouse that was destroyed contained 45,000 barrels of relatively young whiskey from the Jim Beam mash bill. Given the age of the lost whiskey, this fire will not impact the availability of Jim Beam for consumers. We appreciate the support of our neighbours and the Kentucky Bourbon community as we manage through this incident.”

This latest incident, follows the collapse of a warehouse at the OZ Tyler distillery last month, and the collapse of a warehouse at the Barton 1792 Distillery in June 2018.

Posted by Steve Rush