Tuesday, June 11, 2019


The InchDairnie Distillery, has announced that it has carried out the first distillation of oats in Scotland for ‘perhaps a century’ at its Fife based distillery.

The distillery which officially opened in 2016, has revealed it is making a whisky using malted oats, inspired by the historical use of oats in Scotch whisky and by Managing Director Ian Palmer’s focus on using innovative technology and thinking to maximize flavour.

InchDairnie Distillery Managing Director Ian Palmer

Finding historic proof of the use of oats for whisky is difficult, but the inspiration came from the InchDairnie process equipment, the innovative hammer mill and mash filter combination, that can handle grain beyond standard malted barley.

Equally important, from the history archives, Ian Palmer discovered evidence in the 1908-09 Royal Commission Report on Whisky and Other Potable Spirits that oats were used to make Scotch.

In keeping with the approach taken with the distillery’s design, choice of equipment and production processes, the whisky made from oats has been thoroughly researched and been in development over the past year. 

With the first distillation of oats taking place on the 10th June, the anticipated launch of the whisky will depend on how the spirit matures. This is as yet uncharted territory and, in keeping with the distillery’s philosophy, it will be released only when it is ready. 

Commenting on the news, Ian Palmer, said: “Our intention with the distillery right from the start was to push the boundaries of flavour in whisky using a combination of our experience and new technology while remaining true to whisky’s traditions. Creating this whisky is one of many experimental ideas we had in mind when we built the distillery and one of the reasons we chose to install specific equipment such as the hammer mill, the mash filter and Lomond still.”

The oats distillate is due to be launched under the name; The PrinLaws Collection from InchDairnie Distillery, and will be released following the bottling of the first InchDairnie Distillery single malt Scotch whisky in 2029.

Posted by Steve Rush