Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Whyte & Mackay, has announced the launch of a new experimental whisky brand, headed by expert whisky maker, Gregg Glass.

The Whisky Works, is a new arm of the Glasgow based company, which will enable Gregg, who has spent years refining his skills in brewing, distilling and maturation, bring his experimental whisky making to consumers with a series of limited editions.

Gregg Glass

Taking inspiration from centuries of distilling tradition, as well as embracing innovation to develop new maturation practices, the brand has also announced the launch of its first two expressions: a ‘Classic Whisky’ named The 29 Year Old Glaswegian (54.2% ABV) and second, a ‘Modern Whisky’ called the King of Trees (46.4% ABV).

The 29 Year Old Glaswegian, is a single grain whisky, from a now-silent grain distillery, which has been matured in American white oak casks. The King of Trees, is a Highland Blended Malt, part-finished in native Scottish oak.

According to the brand, Gregg’s commitment to whisky making starts at source. He is a passionate, hands-on whisky maker, forming partnerships and collaborating with other wine and spirit producers, coopers and sawmill owners to take The Whisky Works closers to every part of the whisky-making process.

Commenting on the launch, Gregg said: “Whisky making is a true passion of mind. Along the way I have been fortunate to develop relationships with brilliant producers connected right along the whisky making process right back to the individual foresters that manage the woodland that produces our casks. The Whisky Works is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what can be achieved in the production of a Scotch whisky.”

The 29 Year Old Glaswegian and The King of Trees, will be available at Whisky Live on Friday 29th March and will then be available exclusively for two weeks at The Whisky Exchange, for the respective RRP’s of £130,00 and £75,00.

Posted by Steve Rush