Thursday, December 06, 2018


Beam Suntory, has announced the launch of a new 10 Year Old expression, from its Basil Hayden’s bourbon brand.

Basil Hayden’s 10 Year Old Bourbon (40% ABV) has been produced using brand's trademark high-rye bourbon recipe, aged longer in American Oak barrels to offer what is described as an additional layer of complexity to an already distinctive whiskey.

Basil Hayden's 10 Year Old

Launching this month in limited quantities, Basil Hayden’s 10 Year Old Bourbon, will be released annually on the run up to Christmas.

Basil Hayden's 10 Year Old Bourbon, follows on from the brands Two by Two Rye release earlier this year, and their Rye Whiskey bottling in 2017.

Commenting on the launch, Rob Mason, Vice President of Whiskey at Beam Suntory, said: "Basil Hayden's has always been a crowd-pleasing choice, especially during a time when people are getting together to share drinks or a celebratory meal. With the release of Basil Hayden's 10 Year Old Bourbon, we wanted to give our fans an expression that could be that 'special something' to enjoy when spending time with family and friends over the holidays or when picking out a great gift."

Basil Hayden's 10 Year Old Bourbon, is now available from specialist retailers across the US, for a RRP of $59.99 -750ml.

Posted by Steve Rush