Thursday, October 25, 2018


Jack Daniel’s, has announced the launch of a new limited-edition Single Barrel bottling, which is said to celebrate the historic art of barrel-making.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Heritage Barrel (50% ABV) has been aged in hand-crafted ‘Heritage barrel’ which were slowly heated to achieve a deeper, richer toasted layer before being charred.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - Heritage Barrel

The barrels used to produce Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Heritage Barrel, were matured at a lower entry proof in the uppermost reaches of one of the highest elevated barrelhouses in Lynchburg.

Limited to just 200 barrels, this latest release from the Tennessee based distillery, is said to utilize unique barrel toasting techniques of the earliest coopers to create a new whiskey rich in flavour yet steeped in tradition.

Commenting on the launch, Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller at Jack Daniel’s, said: “We hold ourselves to the highest standard when crafting and selecting Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel products. The unique barrel toasting behind ‘Heritage Barrel’ creates a flavour you won’t find in any other Single Barrel expression. We believe we’ve made a whiskey that would make our earliest coopers and Mr. Jack himself proud.”

Jack Daniel’s is the only major whiskey company in the world to make its own barrels, crafted from American white oak. Today, the Jack Daniel Cooperage can produce more than 1,500 barrels per day. The unique barrels crafted to mature “Heritage Barrel” take a trip back in time to Jack’s humble beginnings and celebrate the vital maturation process that takes Tennessee whiskey from the distillery, to the bottle.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Heritage Barrel, will be available later this month, from specialist retailers in the US, for a RRP of $64.99 – 750ml.

Posted by Steve Rush