Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Jack Daniel’s, has announced the launch of the first three expressions in its new limited-release, Tennessee Tasters Selection series.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection, is a new series of experimental whiskeys, each carefully chosen by Jack Daniel’s Master Tasters, and are said to deliver unique and diverse experiences.

Jack Daniel's launches new experimental whiskey series

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection - High Angel’s Share Barrels (53.5% ABV) Produced using whiskey barreled in January 2013, which offered an unusually low yield, presenting a unique and deep concentration of flavours. Selected by Assistant Master Distiller and Master Taster Chris Fletcher.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection - Smoked Hickory Finish (50% ABV) A fully matured whiskey finished with charred hickory staves for a smoky flavour. Selected by Master Taster Marsha Hale.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection - Reunion Barrel (45% ABV) Produced using barrels which were first used to age Jack Daniel’s, then used for a Tennessee-produced wine, and returned to the Jack Daniel Distillery to finish this specific release. Selected by Master Distiller and Master Taster Jeff Arnett.

This new series of whiskeys, will be exclusively available from the Jack Daniel Distillery and selected stores throughout Tennessee. Each release is expected to produce around 24,000 bottles, with another limited release to follow every few months.

Commenting on the news, Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, said: “This collection exemplifies our whiskey-making in a new way in that each whiskey will undergo its own process for unique flavours chosen by our esteemed Master Tasters. We plan on releasing several of these new products each year as we continue to tap the expertise of the Master Tasters who make our Tennessee Whiskey every day.”

He went onto say: “With this launch, we’re continuing to live by Mr. Jack’s motto that ‘Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can’. This time, we’re taking the ‘we’ in that statement to the next level. Jack Daniel’s Master Tasters are an integral part of the quality whiskey we produce every day, and now we’re enabling them to share their expertise with the world by sharing some of their personal favourite, previously unreleased expressions.”

The first three bottlings in the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection, will be available directly from the distillery and selected stores in Tennessee, from the end of October. RRP $39.99 – 375ml.

Posted by Steve Rush