Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Heaven Hill Distillery, has announced the launch of a limited-edition 27 Year Old, Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Heaven Hill Barrel Proof Small Batch Bourbon 27 Year Old (47.3% ABV) is a rare bottling produced at Old Heaven Hill Springs Distillery before it was destroyed by fire in 1996.
Heaven Hill Barrel Proof Small Batch Bourbon 27 Year Old

Heaven Hill Barrel Proof Small Batch Bourbon, was produced using some of the remaining stocks of pre-fire barrels, which were closely monitored and allowed to age for 27 years. All but five of the barrels in this small batch were aged on the first and second floors, where increased humidity and evaporation caused the proof to drop.

When all 41 barrels were mingled for bottling, the natural barrel proof was an unusually low 94.7 proof (47.35% ABV). The resulting taste profile is said to begin with an aroma of dried fruits and baking spices, with pipe tobacco notes developing after some time in the glass. A gentle entry is followed by an explosion of vanilla and floral flavour, with traces of pepper and clove.

Commenting on the launch, Max L. Shapira, President of Heaven Hill Brands, said: “As stewards of the Bourbon movement we take pride in the perseverance that is a hallmark of Heaven Hill’s 83-year history. We remain committed to an enduring legacy of quality and patience, just as we have since 1935.”

Limited to just under 3,000 bottles, Heaven Hill Barrel Proof Small Batch Bourbon 27 Year Old, will be available across the US this autumn, for a RRP of $399,00.

Posted by Steve Rush