Thursday, March 15, 2018


Lux Row Distillers, has announced the launch of the fourth bottling in its Blood Oath, bourbon series.

Blood Oath – Pact No. 4 (49.3% ABV) has been produced using a blend of 9, 10 and 12 Year Old Kentucky straight bourbons.

Blood Oath - Pact No. 4

The extra-aged 12 Year Old bourbon is said to provide a mellow finish with deep oak undertones, the rich 10 Year Old bourbon is said to add caramel and honey flavours, and the 9 Year Old bourbon is said to round out the flavours, as it is finished in toasted bourbon barrels, adding deep chocolate, vanilla and spice notes.

This year’s release will also be sold in a commemorative stained wooden box, reminiscent of the toasted barrels used during the finishing process. Like its predecessors, the bottle is topped with a custom, eco-friendly natural cork, sealed and labeled with certificate-style paper stock signed by Lux Row Distillers, Head Distiller and Master Blender John Rempe.

Commenting on the launch, John Rempe, said: “We finished the nine-year bourbon in a toasted barrel to add an extra layer of flavour. The gentle heating adds more caramel and chocolate accents, as well as a spicier flavour. The toasted barrels, combined with the aging in traditional charred barrels, create a uniquely complex bourbon like no other. This bourbon starts off with a strong oak nose and finishes with a robust spice, followed by an ultra-smooth lasting caramel, vanilla and oak.”

Blood Oath – Pact No. 4, will be available later this month, from specialist retailers across the US, for a RRP of $99.99.

Posted by Steve Rush