Monday, September 25, 2017


Royal Mile Whiskies, has announced the official launch of its new whisky auction website, following the start of its inaugural auction on September 15th, which includes a number of bottles being auctioned for charity.

Led by Auctioneer, Dr. Chris White, RMW Auctions, has been established with a strict code of ethics at its core, in order for it to run concurrently with the retail side of the business.

RMW Auctions Auctioneer - Dr Chris White
To avoid potential conflicts in being both a retailer and an auctioneer, RMW Auctions will not accept for auction any limited-edition whiskies within one year of release, nor are any employees of the company, or partners/subsidiary companies allowed to bid or sell on the auction site.

It is hoped these rules will ensure a fair marketplace, and reassure bidders that they are not competing against RMW Auctions, or the staff who work for them. Whisky fans can rest assured that prices are not being artificially driven up, especially for new releases being ‘flipped’ immediately after release.

Furthermore, RMW Auctions has given suppliers of rare and limited-edition whiskies full confidence that Royal Mile Whiskies and Drinkmonger, are not using their allocations of sought-after releases as lots in RMW Auctions. Stock sold to the retail business by the industry will not be sold on the auction website.

RMW Auctions’ first auction, which launched on September 15th, includes several bottles being auctioned for charity. The rarest bottle is a 1975 Benromach, bottled by independent bottlers Gordon & MacPhail, will see 100% of its proceeds going to The Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Society.

The full list of lots for RMW Auctions’ first auction, can be viewed via:

Posted by Steve Rush