Thursday, June 01, 2017


San Antonio, Texas based Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling, has announced the launch of the latest bottling from its it is handcrafted, grain to glass range of .36 Texas Straight Bourbons.

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon (48% ABV) follows on from the brands .36 White and .36 Small Caliber Bourbon, as the third release of their 6 year barrel aging experiment.
Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon

Even though each .36 bourbon uses the same recipe, the individualized barrel aging techniques make each one distinct. The .36 White is the “white dog” that goes into the barrel and allows consumers to experience the clear, white whiskey before any barrel aging.

The .36 White is then put into either small barrels or large barrels for maturation. The small barrels produce fully mature bourbon in 9-18 months. The distillery labels this whiskey as their .36 Small Caliber Bourbon and packages it in small, 375 ml bottles.

The traditional, large barrels take 2-4 years to produce fully mature whiskey. The distillery labels this whiskey as their .36 Texas Straight Bourbon and packages it in traditional, large, 750 ml bottles. The different releases allow enthusiasts to try the .36 bourbons alongside each other to taste differences and similarities and, ultimately, to choose their favourite.

Commenting on the launch, Mark McDavid, co-founder of Ranger Creek, said: “We’ve been working on this bourbon for over 6 years, which means we’ve spent tons of money to make it and then just patiently waited for a really long time. There’s no other Texas bourbon out there that has won the kind of awards as our .36 that’s available at this kind of price, so we’re very excited to see what it will do.”

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is a combined brewery/distillery handcrafting beer and bourbon in San Antonio, Texas one batch at a time. They are the only microbrewery in San Antonio, one of a few combined brewery/distilleries in the U.S., and one of the only combined operations making both beer and bourbon.

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon 6 Year Old, will be available later this month from specialist retailers in the US, for a RRP of $55.00.

Posted by Steve Rush