Friday, February 10, 2017


The Glen Moray distillery, has announced that it will be celebrating its 120th anniversary year throughout 2017, which will include the launch of a very special expression.

The current Glen Moray distillery was originally developed as the Elgin West Brewery in 1830 and produced several local ales before redevelopment into a fully functional single malt distillery sixty-seven years later.

Glen Moray Master Distiller - Graham Coull

Hand written ledgers show that the first drops of spirit ran from the copper pot stills at Glen Moray on the 13th September 1897, using all locally sourced barley.

Over the last 120 years, just five men have held the position of Master Distiller at Glen Moray, including Graham Coull, who took over the helm in 2005.

Since taking over 12 year ago, Graham has been using the same ingredients and distilling skills that have been used for over 100 years. He has been responsible for introducing a range of unique wine and port cask maturations and finishes to the Glen Moray range.

To celebrate its 120th Anniversary, Glen Moray are launching Mastery, a special release crafted by Graham, using whisky from five distinctive vintages, matured in a variety of fortified wine casks across the different decades.

Full details on the Mastery release and the distillery’s anniversary celebration plans are expected to be announced within the next month.

Posted by Steve Rush