Monday, January 09, 2017


Chivas Regal, has announced the launch of the 2017 Global Chivas Masters. This year’s competition, which will see its final held in Tokyo, is set to celebrate the impact and influence of Asia’s innovative and booming cocktail scene on the world.

Now in its fourth year, the Chivas Masters cocktail competition is built on Chivas’ belief that great bartending is measured not only by the achievements of an individual, but by the ability to work together as a team.

The 2016 Global Chivas Master - Alejandro Millan Ponce de Leon

National stages of the competition will challenge entrants to celebrate the versatility and international appeal of Chivas Regal, through the creation of three new cocktails showcasing its smooth, rich and generous house style.

Bartenders will be invited to take inspiration from the classic cocktails of New York, where Chivas was first launched in 1909; local flavours from their individual countries and the celebrated traditions of Tokyo’s bartending scene, which is renowned for its extraordinary craftsmanship, service and precision.

The most talented competitor from each market will be invited to spend an immersive week in Tokyo at the Chivas Masters Global Final, where the internationally-acclaimed panel of judges will share some of their insights and expertise through inspirational masterclasses.

Commenting on the news, Max Warner, International Brand Ambassador for Chivas Regal, said: “2016 was a year of firsts for the Chivas Masters: the first time the final of a global cocktail competition had been held in Shanghai, and the first time the concept of the Chivas Masters Collective was realised. The 2017 Chivas Masters competition is set to build on these innovations, cementing Chivas Regal’s commitment to hospitality and collaboration – traits central to the bartending industry – and set against the backdrop of Tokyo, one of the world’s great cocktail capitals. We welcome entry from bartenders from across the world, who believe they epitomise our values of brotherhood and generosity.”

The ultimate winner will not only impress with their individual bartending skills, but crucially will also prove their ability to work with an international bartending team, and collaborate and share success with international peers, through the Chivas Masters Collective team challenge.

The 2017 Global Chivas Master, will win the opportunity to travel to an iconic bar in the city of their choice, to work alongside some of the world’s most influential bartenders.

Posted by Steve Rush