Thursday, December 22, 2016


Maker’s Mark has announced the official unveiling of what is said to be the industry’s first bourbon cellar, at its distillery in Kentucky.

The cellar will be the new home of the brands stave-finished bourbons; Maker’s 46 and Maker’s Mark Private Select. Not only will it be a functioning barrel finishing facility, it will also be an addition to the brands overall visitors experience and will be included as part of the distillery tour from 2017.

The Maker's Mark Cellar

The Maker’s Mark Cellar, is said to be a reflection of the brands commitment to offering a truly unique experience that sheds light on the tradition of crafting Kentucky’s signature spirit and doing so with meticulous, authentic bourbon-making techniques that are distinctively Maker’s Mark. 

When Bill Samuels Jr, first created Maker's 46 in 2010, the innovative process required fully matured Maker's Mark to be wood-finished for at least nine additional weeks in a cold environment, limiting the time during which we could make Maker’s 46, given the short Kentucky winter season.

Carved directly out of a natural limestone shelf in a hillside within the distillery grounds, the Maker’s Mark Cellar, which will be able to store up to 2,000 barrels, now provides the necessary cool environment for finishing Maker's 46 and the newly-launched Maker’s Mark Private Select all year long.

The exterior grounds of The Maker’s Mark Cellar, have been designed by local award-winning landscape designer, Jon Carloftis of Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens, and the interior houses a one-of-kind recognition wall designed by famed glassblower, Brook White of Flame Run.

Posted by Steve Rush