Monday, November 28, 2016


The Arts and Humanities Research Council, has announced that it has awarded a major grant to National Museums Scotland, to expand on its ambitious Glenmorangie Research Project.

The grant will facilitate the creation of an international network of scholars who will examine how different strategies towards silver shaped the development of early medieval kingdoms in Europe. This will complement the existing Glenmorangie Research Project’s work on the importance of silver within Early Medieval Scotland.

National Museums Scotland to expand Glenmorangie Research Project

The Glenmorangie Research Project, is a pioneering multi award-winning cultural partnership between The Glenmorangie Company and National Museums Scotland, supporting the study and understanding of Early Medieval Scotland.

Commenting on the news, Alice Blackwell, Glenmorangie Research Fellow at the National Museums Scotland, said: “Thanks to this Arts and Humanities Research award and the long-term support of The Glenmorangie Company we have a fantastic opportunity to forge new connections with academics and museum professionals across Europe and to situate our research on the significance of silver in the development of Early Medieval Scotland in its international context."

The funding will also support two expert symposia in the UK and Germany, and the publication of an academic book of the resulting research. There will also be an opportunity for guests to attend a public day conference at the National Museum of Scotland in 2017, to hear about the network’s findings.

Posted by Steve Rush