Friday, November 11, 2016


Kansas, USA, based drinks producer and distributor MGP, has announced that it has acquired the George Remus whiskey brand, from Queen City Whiskey LLC, for an undisclosed sum.

Launched in 2013, George Remus Whiskey, set out on a mission to reinvent Cincinnati’s lost whiskey heritage through honouring local Prohibition legend George Remus, with the aim of creating a brand and experience, authentic to the style, flavours and quality of Prohibition era Cincinnati whiskey.

MGP acquires George Remus Whiskey 

George Remus, for whom the brand is named, was a legendary bootlegger, owning whiskey distilleries and warehouses in the greater Cincinnati area. Referred to as the “King of the Bootleggers,” he leveraged various sources of whiskey to meet consumer demand.

Commenting on the news, Gus Griffin, MGP President and CEO, said: “While our core business will continue to be supplying other brand owners with premium distilled spirits, development of our own portfolio of brands is an important part of our long-term strategy. The George Remus brand is very appealing due to the strength of the brand concept and the outstanding early stage development and marketing work done by the founders. We believe the brand is now at a state of evolution where we can add valuable resources to help it reach its full potential.”

George Remus, which already sources its whisky from MGP, currently has three expressions in its core range; George Remus Bourbon Whiskey, George Remus Rye Whiskey and George Remus Limited Edition Rye Whiskey.

Posted by Steve Rush