Monday, October 10, 2016


Berry Bros & Rudd, has announced the launch of a new Texan bourbon as part of its premium spirits portfolio, which is said to be celebration of the historic alliance between Britain’s oldest wine merchant and the ”Lone Star” state.

Texas Legation Bourbon (46% ABV) was distilled by brothers Jonathan and Robert Likarish at their Ironroot Republic distillery in Denison, Texas, using three different mashbill batches of: 95 percent yellow, five percent purple corn - 95 percent yellow, five percent red corn - 95 percent yellow corn, five percent rye. The spirit was then aged in four American and two European oak casks, before then being blended by Douglas McIvor from Berry Bros & Rudd.
Texas Legation Bourbon

In 1836, Texas declared independence from Mexico, forming the Republic of Texas. To protect itself from invasion from the bordering Mexico and United States, the government of the independent Texas sought to foster strong international ties with France and Britain. The then President of Texas, Sam Houston, sent his Secretary of State, Dr Ashbel Smith, as the Texan diplomatic representative in the UK, officially accredited by the Court of St James’s.

Ashbel Smith set up the Texan Legation in London which between 1842 and 1845 was located above the shop of Berry Bros. & Rudd, opposite St James’s Palace at No.3 St James’s Street. The Legation’s offices remained on St James’s Street until 1845 when Texas joined the United States of America.

Commenting on the launch, Doug McIvor, Spirits Buyer at Berry Bros. & Rudd, said: “The historical link between Berry Bros & Rudd and Texas dates back almost 200 years and it is fitting to finally have a product in the range that symbolises this. In collaboration with the Likarish Brothers at the Ironroot Republic distillery, we have blended a Texan whiskey which celebrates our special relationship.”

He went onto say: “This young, bold Bourbon has enticing aromas of vanilla, honey, toffee, bananas and fresh bread. To taste, it’s lively and succulent, with flavours of red apples and toffee, rich molasses and a twist of black pepper. Luscious, lingering and very moreish – we hope you’ll agree.”

Texas Legation Bourbon, is now available instore and online from Berry Bros & Rudd for £49.85.

Posted by Steve Rush