Friday, June 03, 2016


The Glenlivet has today officially announced the launch of a new mysterious single malt whisky expression, that will help whisky lovers push the boundaries of flavour exploration.

Whisky enthusiasts from around the world are being challenged by The Glenlivet, to embark on a flavour journey to decode the secret tasting notes of the new Glenlivet Cipher (48% ABV).

The Glenlivet Cipher

Shrouded in mystery, this latest release from the multi-ward winning Speyside distillery, is said to offer a new flavour experience to explore whilst staying true to the smooth and fruity flavour that has made the distillery famous.

Presented in an opaque, black bottle without any cask information, Glenlivet Cipher  has been crafted from a unique cask combination of casks that has never before been used by The Glenlivet.

Consumers who accept the challenge of uncovering the secrets of Glenlivet Cipher, can begin their journey by searching for one of the official flavours hidden within a cryptic code on the bottles label. They will then be directed to to face the ultimate flavour test.

Visitors to the website who complete the exploration will receive a cipher of their personal flavour notes, and a score that reveals how close they came to unlocking the official tasting notes of The Glenlivet Cipher.

The Glenlivet is also inviting consumers to share their tasting notes on social media using #TheGlenlivetCipher and @TheGlenlivet.

Commenting on the launch, Alan Winchester, Master Distiller at The Glenlivet said: “Through the launch of The Glenlivet Cipher, I am laying down the ultimate test for discerning foodies and drinkers around the world looking to prove their tasting credentials. I am pleased to invite people to join us on a journey of flavour discovery and I will be checking social media and the hashtag #TheGlenlivetCipher throughout the campaign to see who manages to crack the code and unlock the tasting notes of this new enigmatic single malt.”

He went on to say: “The Glenlivet Cipher is unique in that it is crafted from a combination of casks never used before at the distillery, so we are excited to explore new flavour territories that build upon the flawlessly smooth and fruity style of The Glenlivet. The official tasting notes will be revealed in the coming months, so get tasting, share your comments online and stayed tuned to The Glenlivet.”

The Glenlivet Guardians will be first to discover the official secret tasting notes of The Glenlivet Cipher when they are unveiled by Alan Winchester, later in the year.

The Glenlivet Cipher, will be available later this month from specialist retailers for a RRP of £90.00.

Posted by Steve Rush