Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The Bardstown Bourbon Company in Kentucky, has announced that it has moved one step closer to opening its state-of-the-art whiskey distillery, with the completed installation of its 50-foot tall, custom made Vendome Copper and Brass works still.

Delivered in one piece and hoisted above the 55-foot still tower by crane, The Bardstown Bourbon Company’s still features a unique design, incorporating large, rectangular glass manways, that will allow visitors to watch the whiskey moving through the distilling process.

Bardstown Distillery moves one step closer to opening with installation of new still

Under construction since October 2014, The Bardstown Bourbon Company is developing a $25 million destination experience, featuring a state-of-the-art whiskey distillery with unique educational tasting experiences, tours and an integrated visitors centre. The site will also include and event space and eventually a restaurant and boutique hotel.

Commenting on the progress of the new distillery, David Mandell, President & CEO of The Bardstown Bourbon Company, said: “The Bardstown Bourbon Company is just a few short months away from becoming a significant addition to the American whiskey landscape,” said David Mandell, President & CEO. “With the development of our own brands, new Collaborative Distilling Program, and unique visitors experience, we will continue to fuel interest, innovation, and growth across the entire whiskey category.”

The Bardstown Bourbon Company is scheduled to begin operations in September, for its own brands as well as its new “Collaborative Distilling Program,” which offers the opportunity to create custom, authentic, Kentucky whiskey, bourbon and rye and provides comprehensive barrel financing.

Posted by Steve Rush