Thursday, October 08, 2015


Diageo has announced the launch of a new range of bottled premixed whisky cocktails, inspired by Prohibition era classics.

The first two bottlings in the range; Studebaker Old Fashioned (30% ABV) is made with Canadian whisky that has been blended with cherry, orange and bitters. Studebaker Manhattan (30% ABV) is made with Canadian whisky that has been blended with sweet vermouth and bitters.

Studebaker: Old Fashioned & Manhattan

During Prohibition (1919 -1933) Canadian Whisky boomed in the United States, as whisky that had been legally distilled north of the border made its way to the millions of thirsty Americans hiding out in speakeasies across the country. 

Bartenders looking for quality spirits quickly became fond of the dynamically rich taste of Canadian whisky, and adopted it for classic whisky cocktails, like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan. 

The Studebaker range marks Diageo's first move into the rapidly growing bottled cocktail market, which has been driven by the cocktail boom of the last few years.

Studebaker Old Fashioned and Studebaker Manhattan will be available across the US, later this month for a RRP of $23.00 each.

Posted by Steve Rush