Friday, July 24, 2015


Midwest Grain Products (MGP) has announced that its Lawrenceburg distillery will be launching a new limited edition Indiana straight bourbon whiskey.

Metze's Select (46.5% ABV) is the latest release from MGP, who have been producing whiskey in Indiana for nearly 170 years.

Metze's Select Bourbon

This latest release is the result of marrying three of MGP’s favourite and distinct straight bourbon whiskies. Metze's Select is made up of 38% 2006 bourbon - 21% rye content, 3% 2006 bourbon - 36% rye content and 59% 2008 bourbon - 21% rye content.

Commenting on the latest release, Gus Griffin, MGP President and CEO, said: "MGP has a proud legacy of making world-class whiskies. Metze's Select celebrates that heritage and showcases our distillation, maturation and formulation expertise."

Metze's Select follows the 2014 release of Metze's Medley Indiana straight bourbon whiskey, a very limited release which was introduced in conjunction with Lawrenceburg's inaugural Whiskey City Festival.

Limited to just 6,000 hand-numbered bottles, Metze's Select will be available across the US from September for a RRP of $74.99.

Source: MGP Inc