Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Online whisky retailer and independent bottler Master of Malt has today launched two independently bottled single cask whiskies with innovative glass closures, making cork taint in single malt whiskies a thing of the past.

The experimental closures, which will be the first time a closure of this type has been used to bottle single malt whisky, will feature on a pair of 12 Year Old Bruichladdich single malts, one matured in a first-fill Sherry cask (62.3% ABV) the other in a first-fill bourbon cask (57.3% ABV).

The first time a single malt whisky has been bottled with a glass stopper

Corks have been used to close whisky bottles for centuries, but, cork-taint has the potential to add undesirable aromas and flavours to a bottle of whisky in exactly the same way as a fine wine. Screw tops are viewed by many whisky enthusiasts as ‘cheap’ and aesthetically unpleasing.

The new glass closures used by Master of Malt are both attractive and functional. Unlike decanter stoppers, they are air-tight thanks to a thin, specially engineered rubberised seal that perfectly fits each bottle.

The first two glass stopped bottlings will be used to assess consumer demand and Master of Malt are actively inviting feedback through their blog.

In addition to the two glass stopped Bruichladdich bottlings, Master of Malt have also today released three other single cask bottlings, with corks; an Ardbeg 23 Year Old (50.6% ABV) a Glenrothes 26 Year Old (53.4% ABV) and an Invergordon 23 Year Old (52.8% ABV). All of which are now available from

Source: Master of Malt