Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky has announced that it has partnered with Warner Bros and its new film version of the hit US television series Entourage, to debut the short film Johnny for Johnnie, launched as part of the brand’s Keep Walking campaign.

Directed by Entourage co-star Kevin Connolly, the short film extends Johnny Drama's plotline, showing how in true Johnny Drama style, when you pursue a passion with over-the-top optimism, persistence and a little bit of "layering" you can achieve victory.

Entourage's Kevin Dillion starring in new Johnnie Walker short film Johnny for Johnny

Commenting on film, Dan Sanborn, Vice President of PR and Entertainment Marketing at Diageo, said: "What makes the Entourage series so universally relatable is that its story revolves around a group of friends and their unrelenting pursuit of their dreams. We all have dreams but it's not always easy to achieve them.  In this short film, Johnny Drama – as only Drama can – brings to life his own dream, bringing some fun and levity to his journey and all of the steps along the way.   It's a classic Johnny Drama story of perseverance."

Watch Now - Johnnie for Johnnie

Like the Johnnie Walker’s 'Keep Walking' campaign, Entourage is centred around personal progress and the celebration of achievements, both big and small, along the way. From embarrassing failures to epic successes and all the steps and missteps inbetween.

Source: Diageo